Absolutely recommend. The crew are amazing! Food is incredible (our captain went spear fishing and caught our dinner for the next day so definitely fresh). The scenery was some of the best I have even seen (quite similar to the Croatian coast line). A very relaxing time full of lots of swim stops and turtle spotting. For those not on a strict budget, highly recommend the paragliding over the Blue Lagoon.

My husband and I, late 30s/early 40s, decided to book a 3 day Fethiye to Olympos cruise with Farout and it's one of the best decisions we ever made!!
The decision was made after speedy and thorough email communications with the Farout team.
As we normally are pretty much lonesome travelers running our own itinerary except for a day tour and excursion here and there, sailing on the Med sea for a few days including all meals and sleeping under the starts sounded too good to pass up and it was. We did get a bit nervous before boarding the boat that we may be unhappy with the other guests and trapped with some folks we didn't like for the trip, but that turned out to be 100% not the case. The group was a nice mix of ages ranging from couples in their 20s to 60s as well as some pals traveling together. Everyone was kind and fun to be around, but also respectful of everyone elses space.
The food was great, the crew super sweet and the whole experience was amazing. The price was a deal and I would 100% do it again and recommend Farout to anyone considering this type of trip.

1. The driver who picked us up from our hotel didn't speak English well and tried to get us on a day cruise instead of a 3-day trip. Luckily we figured it out when we saw the boat he was loading us onto and he took us to the office and we made the boat with plenty of time to spare.
2. When you get off of the boat if you are ending your trip in Olympos, you are nowhere near Olympos. You then get off of this boat somewhere along the road depending on what your destination is. It's not horrible, but you are left with a driver who speaks almost no English and a bunch of other tourists who also have zero idea where they are. It was fine and I think everyone got where they were going, but it was a bit of a buzz kill after the great trip. Not bad enough for you to avoid the trip, but something to be aware of. It's good to familiarize yourself with your travel plans to get to your next destination in advance is advised.

Ci siamo imbarcati con farout all'ultimo minuto perché un'altra compagnia con cui avevamo prenotato la crociera ci ha disdettato senza nemmeno 10 minuti di preavviso.
La crociera è stata fantastica, eravamo 10 persone, oltre 3 dell'equipaggio. Abbiamo mangiato sempre benissimo, navigato in acque cristalline e dormito sotto un cielo stellato. La compagnia poi è stata molto piacevole. 
Relax assicurato

"Cruise from Demre to Fethiye"

Visited October 2022

Beautiful cruise: friendly and thoughtful crew - wonderful and impressive landscape - excellent foods - mattress to relax and sleep in the night admiring stars - stopover in Kas, a nice small city with alleys, restaurants, and shops.

Thanks to Captain, Adam, and the cook !!!