About Icmeler
Icmeler is so close to Marmaris that you cannot visit this beach resort area. Simply eight kilometres away, this pine-enfolded town offers a balanced mixture of beachside and mountainside. Located on the Datcha peninsula the town faces the sea and surrounded on the other three sides by the lush pine forests. For those looking for a quieter alternative, Icmeler is a quieter spot of the Turkish Rivera. The 250 days of sunshine a year and the mild temperature make this a great destination almost year-round. With the intrinsic mixture of Aegean and the Mediterranean seas, it's no wonder why the tourist facilities are steadily developing.

Things to do in Icmeler
The long sandy beach, clear blue sea and situated on a bay, Icmeler is an attractive resort area in Turkey. Should your Turkish adventure or the scenic cruising along the Turkish Rivera start in Icmeler you will not be disappointed. Less crowded then Marmaris and with well-equipped facilities the beaches, it’s a great family-friendly environment. Bask in the sun or under the shade of the palm and eucalyptus trees. Take advantage of the range of available water sports; pedalos, jet skis, windsurf, paraglide, banana boats, snorkel and scuba dive. The rolling hills are also great for a short or long hike, giving you vast views of the placid bay. Observe the stunning contrast of azure blue against the lush green pine as you hike up. Should you go further up the hills you can also see further-reaching towards Marmaris along the Datca Peninsula. Should hiking up the hills be too much for you, there is also a horse-riding option or going for a quad bike safari. Flowers adorn the city centre, making it seem as if the stunning natural beauty of Icmeler also thrives in the city.

There are numerous parks to relax in but if you fancy a more luxurious relaxation experience, get squeaky clean with a Turkish bath. What’s best is that Icmeler is just the right size to explore on foot. A stroll 15 minutes out of the centre will take you into the old village but also let you unravel the old charm of the town. The old town of Icmeler is made of cobbled streets with traditional houses and men playing backgammon on the alleys. Plenty of restaurants and bars are spread throughout Icmeler along with a well-rounded nightlife. Eat and drink by the canal-side for a great selection of Turkish meals by the water. There is also the weekly Wednesday market where you can get some Turkish delight or other street food snacks. At the market, you can also find some great bargains for handicraft items to take back home. Small shops also sell other Turkish specialities from clothing, lacquerware and also jewellery.

How to get to Icmeler
Icmeler is most easily reached by car or bus from Marmaris. However, for those who are already in the area, there are a few other places of interest. Intriguing beach resort village town destinations worth visiting are Ekincik, Dalyan and Kumlubuk Bay.