All Mediterranean tours always are attracted to one particular spot along the turquoise coastline. The beautiful Oludeniz Beach - Blue Lagoon is that place. Gulet charters along this coast will all anchor at the blue waters at the Blue Lagoon. You will be able to get off your traditional gulet and go for a swim over the rocks into the oceans of the Blue Lagoon. To one end of the famous Oludeniz Beach, there is a mountain shadowing the beach called Baba Dag. This is one of the highlights of Oludeniz as it is the spot where many people paraglide from great heights. To capture the best of this beautiful beach and the amazing sight of the Blue Lagoon from the air. From the great height, you will get the best vantage point so you can then fully understand why this coast is referred to as the Turquoise coastline. So why not mix up your yacht life and take some time off-board and take to the air for one of the most amazing experiences of your life at the best places in the world to jump from? An adventure not to forget! This has included: transfers to and from the boat, all equipment, and entrance fees into the National Park. What is not included: photos and video of your amazing experience. For paragliding, you are transferred from the gulet over to Oludeniz Beach where the paragliding company will collect you for your flight before being transferred back to your boat at St Nicholas Island.