Twelve Islands
Twelve Islands

The greatest benefits along the Fethiye district in Turkey are located just outside the city, in its surroundings. You only need to organize time well, look at the daily boat tours offer and set sail on the open sea. Twelve Islands tour is perhaps the best way to visit more places and enjoy in various locations during the daily travels.

One of the most beautiful places one will see during this journey is a magnificent Cleopatra bath. This is the bay where people enjoy space beside the Hamam, which after the earthquake moved down to the shore and is now a real tourist attraction. This Hamam, according to tradition, was a tribute from Marc Anthony to his beloved Cleopatra, a woman that even today stands for a mysterious seducer and a beautiful woman. Exactly Cleopatra nursed her beauty bathing with water from the hot spring near the bay. All those who want to discover the secret of Cleopatra's beauty come here at least to feel the smell of the sea and the spirit of the past Cleopatra’s age.

Telandria is the former name of the largest island in Fethiye Gulf. Today the island is known as the Tersane Island, and some call it Dockyard Island. The original name of the island was changed during the period of the First World War, as the Turks at that time used the island as their port. Dockyard rocks, which they used to enable ships to sail are visible even now. Tersane Island has not always been a Turkish island, but it was once inhabited by the Greeks. As at the beginning of the XX century there was an exchange of population, the Greeks have left the island and moved to Rhodes. However, there are still ruins of more than 100 houses which tourists can see. Greece legacy includes the two churches dating from this period, along with the tombs of their ancestors. Visitors can enter the island through the bay, which is part of the island, and those who observed things a little better can see the channel that is deep enough to accept ships and represents the winter port of Tersane.

The unique archipelago, which is part of the tour, consists of five different islands and this part is known as Yessica Islands. According to stories among the local population, on one of the islands, the Devil lives. What makes the story even more mysterious is that the passage between the devil Saytanli Ada island and the islands in its vicinity called Haci Halil is impassable for ships. There is a logical explanation because the passage is closed because of the ruins of the bridge which fell down due to the earthquake. However, when you see the natural beauty of these islands, you will relax near a beautiful beach and forget about these stories.

Flat Islands are another attraction that is very interesting for all visitors. Several small islands make up the cluster due to sandy strips can be crossed from one island to another. This kind of entertainment is interesting to everyone, but especially for children who can swim and Flat Island Pool.

Exploring Red Islands will be the best at the time when the sunsets. During the day, this place is similar to the rest of the islands nearby. There is wonderful nature, clean water and beautiful beaches that you will like, The island is not inhabited, so one can enjoy a connection with nature and the sea. However, at night the sunset, you will witness will be magic its how this place got its name. If you look over the pebbles on the beach, you will see the natural wonder right there, before your eyes, as the pebbles glow a reddish colour.

Exotic trip and tour of the island leaves a strong impression on all tourists. This wonderful experience will make you want to go again for a similar adventure, especially on Yassica Islands. But if you long for history and want to go through the docks and ruins where once the ships sailed during the war, go back to Tersane Island. Those who want something new they may not have seen in the previous tour can definitely go to Domuz Island, which locals call Pig Island.