About Rhodes
Walkthrough the streets of the largest inhabited medieval town in Europe. A Grecian beauty, it is said that the sun god Helios chose Rhodes as his bride and bestowed light, warmth and vegetation upon her. The blessing seems to have paid off as Rhodes boasts some of the best weather on the continent. The capital Rhodes Town is where you can explore the old city, now a world heritage listed site, or stroll on through the new city where you can find all the trappings of luxury on hand.

Rhodes is one of the gateways between the rest of Greece and Turkey. With yacht charters departing from the harbour every week visiting other Greek Islands to the Turkish coastline. There are also ferries leaving every day to other Greek islands, and both Marmaris and Fethiye in Turkey - it is a great spot to stay overnight and enjoy the cafes, restaurants and bars before connecting to your next destination.

How to get to Rhodes
Rhodes International Airport is just 14km away from the main city centre, which is also the old town. There are regular flights from Athens airport, Crete and Thessaloniki.

Rhodes is easily accessible via ferry from almost any Greek Island and also Marmaris and Fethiye in Turkey. The Greek Islands that have daily ferries to Rhodes include Santorini, Naxos, Lipsi, Patmos and Symi to name just a few.

Getting around Rhodes is reasonably easy as well. There are many car hire and scooter hire companies throughout Rhodes available and taxis can also be found just on the outside of the old city walls.

Where to eat in Rhodes
Rhodes is an attractive island with much to offer to travellers in the region. The food being, one of Rhode’s biggest assets. Many restaurants specialise in seafood and traditional Greek cuisine however, the proximity of Turkey and Turkish food is also apparent in the food on Rhodes Island.

For those wanting to have a glorious dinner with the backdrop of a magical sunset over the Aegean Sea, then pop down to Kyma Beach Restaurant. Perched on the beach itself, guests have an uninterrupted view of the water and have a wide selection of traditional Greek dishes and drinks to enjoy while the sunsets.

Located at the base of the acropolis at Lindos, Melenos Lindos Hotel is another restaurant with a magical backdrop. The rooftop dining area has Medieval style tents and is set on a decorative mosaic floor whereas the indoor dining area is a comfortable refuge under an arched ancient ceiling. There are numerous seafood dishes to choose from in this restaurant, all more divine than the next.

Set in a house which dates back to 1605 and is also the preserved house of a ship captain is the Arhontiko Restaurant. The décor is unusual but the seafood dishes have been presented with countless awards. Some other restaurants to mention are Akti Ixia, Nireas and the Marco Polo Café

Things to Do In Rhodes
Rhodes is a very appealing place to the tourists for its collection of fantastic beaches with lovely weather all around, its exciting archaeological sites, and fascinating medieval towns. The Acropolis at Líndos is one of the most prominent attractions in Rhodes. The hill climb from the village of Lindos to the magnificent Acropolis can be quite adventuresome. If you want, you can ride a donkey to the top for a different feel of adventure. On the top of the Acropolis at Líndos, you will find many amazing ancient monuments like the Temple of Athena. The view from the hilltop to the surrounding areas can be really impressive. Another historic location in Rhodes is its old town and the famous “Street of the Knights” which is filled with the history of the Crusade. The street is one of the best medieval streets in the world and is filled with many superb medieval buildings made of sandstones. The view of the street is even more remarkable in the night giving you an opportunity to travel back to the 14th century.

Located on a hilltop on the east coast is the famous Panagía Tsambíka Monastery. The climb to the hilltop to reach the wonderful 17th-century church is considered very spiritual and is much revered by the locals. Many women climb to the top hoping to have a child. Located nearly a thousand feet below the Monastery is the sandy bay of Tsambíka. The view of the bay from the top is very amazing. The bay also gives birth to the finest beach Rhodes has to offer. Besides swimming, the Tsambíka beach is a very popular location for water sports like surfing and beach volley.

Located south to the airport of the island is the fascinating Valley of the Butterflies. The valley is a very beautiful natural landscape full of splendid trees, ponds, swamps and waterfalls. It is home to the charming creatures named Jersey tiger moths. A walk in the valley can be sensational.

Also, in Rhodes Island, you will find some picturesque castles like the Castle of Monolithos and the Castle of Kastellos both of which are very popular tourist attractions. An hour-long trip from Rhodes Island to the nearby small island of Sými can be amazing as the island is full of many splendid buildings and houses. These buildings have neoclassical stone facades attached to the balconies which are made of iron. Not to mention the wonderful swimming spots in Symi.

Rhodes is very well connected to Turkey as well, thus a visit to the Turkish coastline is not out of reach. Some recommendations include Fethiye and Marmaris in Turkey or the island of Kos in Greece is not far either.