Might be a bit confusing for some as this small Greek island has many names. It is known as Meis in Turkey. While in Greece it is known as Kastellorizo. While in ancient times it was known as Megisti. Possibly one of the quietest islands it sits on the easternmost edge of the Greek Isles of the Dodecanese group. Petite, quiet and full of charm is this small jewel in the Aegean. If you are looking for an escape from the resort path and looking for true Grecian rustic feel, Meis should be your choice. Should you be in Turkey and looking to experience some Grecian islands, Meis is a great day trip option from Fethiye and Kas. Just as you dock at the small harbour, you might think you stepped into a postcard photo. Have your camera ready for the views of Meis are beautiful. It is hard to not notice the multi-coloured neoclassical mansions and the slow-moving wooden fishing boats.

Things to do in Meis
The village area of Meis is the only populated area but just promenading around the main area is delightful. Absorbing the rustic atmosphere as time slowly ticks by. The island has a few notable monuments, such as the Castello Rosso. Built by the Knights Hospitaller of the Order of St John, it is set upon a hill of red rock which gave the island its name and also the castle’s name. At the back of the town, there is also the charming 19th century Church of St. George. Visit the Diachroniko Museum of Kastellorizo, which has a gallery of relics from the early Christian years to Post-Byzantine times. Check out 19th-century photographs of the island at Kastellorizo Historical Collection, located in the mosque by the port entrance in Kavos. One of the best things to do in Meis is caving. The island has several subterranean limestone caves but the most notable sea caves are Parastas Cave and Galazio Spilaio. Definitely worth a dive and watch how the sunray penetrates into the water, reflecting off the array of stalactites. Should you like to explore the underwater caves it is recommended to hire a specialist guide.

Snorkelling and swimming is also possible in these crystal clear waters but one just needs to watch out for sea urchins on the seabed. There are platforms and diving boards at the harbour, Plakes and Kavos to make the swimming even more enjoyable. Many cafes and restaurants dot the area of the harbour, the views out into the sea are just so spectacular and relaxing. Sit by sea and delight in some fresh seafood with a cold beer or indulge in snacking on katoumari or strava, traditional Grecian sweets.

How to get to Meis
From Turkey, there is a 30-minute ferry trip from Kas that connects to Meis. Though if you are cruising in Greece already you can get to Meis is by boat either from Piraeus and Rhodes. It is also possible to take a flight to Rhodes and then transfer to Meis.  Close to Rhodes as well another picturesque sea village worth visiting is