Butterfly Valley
Butterfly Valley

About Butterfly Valley
Butterfly Valley is truly one of the gems of the Turquoise Coast - located 30km from Fethiye and just 15km south of Oludeniz. Hidden away from the main tourist areas, it can be found at the foothill of Mt Babadag and is so secluded that it can only be accessed by boat.

When approaching this site you will meet with calm aqua-turquoise waters, a white beach, and a narrow canyon which continues for about 3km. The walls of the valley are between 300-400m in height, and a freshwater creek can be found in the center of the valley, which carries water out to sea from a nearby spring.

To preserve its natural beauty, the area is protected by the World Heritage Foundation (WHF), and the construction of permanent buildings is strictly prohibited. About twenty years ago it was relatively unknown and is said to have been found by hippies in the late 1980s in the search for a secluded and untouched spot after mass tourism began at Oludeniz. Between April and November, a small number of backpackers and hippies set up tents in the valley, living an alternate lifestyle that is at one with nature.

Butterfly Valley is 86,000 sqm in total area and gets its name from the large number of Butterflies that inhabit the area. It has been estimated that over 105 different species of Butterfly can be found in the Valley, including many rare species. If you visit between June and September, you should be able to spot butterflies of all different colors and sizes. Keep your eyes peeled for the color orange, black and white Jersey tiger butterfly species. Flora species are also abundant in this area, with scientists recording approximately 150 different species.

Things to do in Butterfly Valley
Butterfly Valley is a place for simple relaxation, and you will spot backpackers chilling out on the beach shore or at the campsite.

As the area has been preserved, there are no shops, ATMs, or businesses here – only incredible natural beauty. Cool off in the natural surroundings by taking a swim in the clear waters, or simply relax on the white pebble beach.

Get lost in the tranquillity of this scenic place by taking a stroll through the valley using the 1km trail provided. At the end of the trail, you find two small 60m high waterfalls, gently tricking into the creek below. This provides a great opportunity to take a quick shower under the cool fresh water.

For the more serious trekkers, there is a path to the Faralya Village which takes about 45 minutes to complete. The trek is the only way to access the village from Butterfly Valley. Although the trek can be a difficult climb and dangerous in parts, the views from the village into the valley are breathtaking. If you decide to trek to the village, you may spot hikers on the famous Lycian Way, which passes through the main road of the village. Excellent fresh produce and delicious pomegranate juice can be found at Faralya Village.

Where to stay in Butterfly Valley
Due to the secluded nature of Butterfly Valley, the only accommodation is very basic, consisting of tents and bungalows which can be rented from Butterfly Valley Management, however, you can also bring your tent. Some people simply roll out a sleeping mat, opting to sleep out in the open under the night sky.
Electricity and waste are provided by management by solar energy panels until 2 am, so overnight guests should bring torches or candles for use after 2 am

Around Butterfly Valley
While in the area, you take a boat to Oludeniz, St Nicolas Island, and Cleopatra Bath via Fethiye.