A beautiful city situated on the Seyhan River. Adana lying in the centre of the Cukurova plains southern  Turkey. to the west lie the Tauros Mountains and is not far from the  Mediterranean Sea at 35 kilometres. On a hill in the middle of the city overlooking the river is an area known as Tepebag Tumulus believed to be dated back as far as the Neolithic period 6000BC.
The city has seen many civilizations come and go through history and all have touched, changed or altered Adana from the Hittites, Byzantines, Arabs, Armenians through to the Ottomans and on October 29th 1923 it became part of the Republic of Turkey as it stands today.
Adana is known far and wide for its cotton industry supplying all over the world also produced here are wheat, corn, soybean, barley, grapes and citrus fruits

Getting to Adana
This distance between Istanbul and Adana is 935 kilometres and the road journey would take just over 9 and a half hours and from Izmir, the distance is 902 kilometres but will take a little longer about 10 and a half hours due to the Mountain roads

Adana Airport
There is an airport located not far from the heart of the city on the D400 called Adana Sakirpasa Airport with two terminal buildings, from here you can get to most major cities throughout Turkey and the rest of the world.

Of coarse your trip to Adana would not be complete without enjoying one of the best Kebabs in the world the Adana Kebab Traditionally lamb and laid out on very long bread ..but this can vary by region even district …however it is still delicious and not to be missed